Ketamine Infusion

Dr.Ricardo Alvarado, MD

Ketamine Infusion

Why More People Chose Us For Their Ketamine Infusion

It is imperative that any patient seeking Ketamine infusion therapy determine the training of the provider offering the service. 

Dr. Alvarado was involved in the first Ketamine Coma in San Antonio, TX that resulted in great success. At Freedom Infusion Center, the patient will be treated by a fellowship trained physician with anesthesiology and surgery training preceding fellowship.

Only pain fellowship trained physicians are educated to properly diagnose and treat medical conditions with Ketamine, at this time.

Any physician that states they have knowledge and experience, but has no history of completing an accredited pain fellowship is misleading the public. Those that claim to have experience with Ketamine in their specialty, are also misleading the public if they did anything other than a pain fellowship. Many “experts” are beginning to offer ketamine infusions as the movement expands to educate the public and physicians of its indications. The public must be very aware that there is a major difference in training and that not all physicians are equals in their training and experience with performing Ketamine infusions.  Seeking Ketamine infusion therapy from a provider with non accepted standards of training is dangerous. Some clinics allow individuals with no critical care background to monitor the patients during infusion and this is extremely dangerous.

Dr. Alvarado has been training with Ketamine infusions since his Surgical and Anesthesiology residencies as well as his Pain Fellowship training.

In addition, infusion nurses at Advanced Pain Relief Institute are highly experienced with Ketamine as an infusion provider, and as a patient with ICU and oncology nursing experience.

We provide the only experienced and most qualified treatment team available in the area. Dr. Alvarado consistently corresponds with other thought leaders in the country, that are well known to the Ketamine communities, in order to provide the latest and safest treatment possible.

If you are suffering from ANY Chronic Pain Condition, PTSD, or Depression we highly recommend coming in for a consultation.

Relief is very possible and we are here to be part of your RELIEF TEAM.

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