What Is Ketamine?

Do you suffer from chronic pain, especially severe neuropathic pain? If so, ketamine for pain management may be a treatment option to discuss with Dr Ricardo Alvarado, MD. However, as an emerging pain management therapy, further research is needed as there are some risks from taking it.

Ketamine was approved for use by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1970. It is a derivative of phencyclidine hydrochloride, which is better known as PCP or angel dust. It is a white, crystalline powder or clear liquid. Ketamine is primarily used by veterinarians as a horse tranquilizer. It is one-tenth as potent as PCP and was originally used as an anesthetic agent in humans.

Today, its use as an anesthetic agent is waning. Instead, many are beginning to question the role of ketamine used for pain relief. This is especially for severe neuropathic pain, and as a treatment for a common comorbid condition of chronic pain: depression.

Does Ketamine For Pain Relief Work?

As of late, interest has grown in researching ketamine for pain. In this case, it is used in low or high doses to provide pain relief, as opposed to the high doses used to induce  anesthesia.

Ketamine in pain management may be used for relief of many acute or chronic pain conditions that do not respond to conventional therapies. A single intravenous dose of the medication prior to skin incision can be used to  decrease postoperative pain and reduce morphine requirements/consumption. Ketamine can also be used to counter postoperative pain in patients with:

  •       Decreased responsiveness to opioids (tolerance)
  •       Increased sensitivity to pain (hyperalgesia)
  •       Pain caused by stimuli that are not usually painful (allodynia)

Ketamine’s use for acute pain is recommended as an addition to traditional pain relievers. The optimal dose of ketamine for pain has not been established, but it is known that a narrow window exists between the optimal dose for pain relief and the dose for anesthesia causing loss of consciousness.

If you are suffering from ANY chronic pain condition, PTSD, or Depression we highly recommend coming in for a consultation.  Relief is very possible and we are here to be part of your RELIEF TEAM.


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